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Kraft Paper (25 Sheets) 160gsm - A3 Natural Brown
  • Kraft Paper (25 Sheets) 160gsm - A3 Natural Brown

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    Originally used in packaging and ideal for quick sketches, Kraft paper is polyvalent. It is ideally suited for dry techniques (charcoal, pencil, and pastel) but also for wet techniques (ink, gouache, and acrylic).

    Clairefontaines Kraft paper is made with long natural unbleached virgin fibres providing its distinctive colour, resistance and versatility. This 120g version is resistant and has two distinctive surfaces ideal for mixed media:

    • The first side is smooth and shiny. It is perfectly adapted for wet techniques.
    • The other side is brut and is ideal for dry techniques because it has just enough grain to catch the pigments.

    Kraft paper is ideal for drawing and other arts and crafts such as cutting, collage, folding, design packaging, framing, card making, presentation... Let your inspiration and creativity run wild