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Kaweco student fountain pen - 30's blues
  • Kaweco student fountain pen - 30's blues

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    The Kaweco story first began in 1883, in a small retail store near the University of Heidelberg, Germany. Since then, Kaweco has had an inseparable connection to students, and in the 1960s you would have been hard-pushed to find a German student who didn't own a Kaweco pen!

    The current Kaweco STUDENT series is based on a 1920s design and aims to deliver high quality, classic writing instruments at an attractive price for pupils and students.

    The muted red colour of the Student 30’s Blues embodies the melancholy of the music style Blues and is also one of the most popular colours of the ‘30s. An essential pioneer for many other styles of music, such as Jazz, Rock and R’n’B, the Blues emerged in America as early as the 19th century. The genre spread in the 1930s found its way into various jazz big bands, and influential musicians such as Robert Johnson and Billie Holliday came out.

    The Kaweco STUDENT 30's Blues fountain pen is made from injection-moulded acrylic resin. The trim and clip are made of gold plated brass. It measures 130 mm closed and 160 mm with the cap posted

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